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THE ROLLERS (Bay City Rollers) – Elevator – (Arista) – 1978

The Rollers were the renamed Bay City Rollers trying to shake off their teen idol past but the only thing they suceeded in shaking off was their popularity. I don’t remember this incarnation of the Bay City Rollers but I … Continue reading

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THE NOW – The Now – (RCA) – 1979

There is very little information on this band out there. They seem to be one of the many power pop bands signed during the New Wave rush of the late1970s. The Now were: Jeff Lennon – (Geoff "Lip" Danielik) Mamie … Continue reading

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THE ROCKSPURS – Getting Off … – (DJM) – 1979

There is very little on this band online. At the risk of sounding twee I will say that in some ways knowing nothing about a band can be a good thing.  There are no preconceptions because  all you have to … Continue reading

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FELIX CAVALIERE – Castles in the Air – (Epic) – 1979

Felix Cavaliere was the blue-eyed soul singer of one of the America's finest groups of the 1960s, The Young Rascals. Felix being of Italian heritage is probably brown eyed. Blue-eyed soul is a term used to describe white singers who … Continue reading

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ARLO GUTHRIE with Shenandoah – Outlasting the Blues – (Warner Brothers) – 1979

For those who need to read up on who Arlo Guthrie is check the links at the end, or better still check my other entries on him in this blog. For those who can't be bothered I will say he … Continue reading

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JOHN STEWART – Bombs Away Dream Babies – (RSO) – 1979

From folkie to obscure singer songwriter, to pop hit maker and then back to obscure singer songwriter. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad but the breakdown is, folkie (10 years), obscure singer songwriter (10 years), hit maker (2 years), obscure … Continue reading

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JIM KWESKIN – Side by Side – (Mountain Railroad Records) – 1979

The beauty of listening to old school Americana, folk, Tin Pan Alley or the Great American songbook music is you don't have to worry about authorship. Whether the artist wrote or didn't write the songs is second to the message … Continue reading

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ALAN PRICE – Lucky Day – (Jet) – 1979

I like my English music to sound … errr, English. Accepting, as any reasonable person must, that rock music is an essentially organic American medium, to then,  transplant that music to England means I will need those bands to try … Continue reading

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DR HOOK – Sometimes You Win … – (Capitol) – 1979

"Sometimes you win …." is a dangerous album title if you half smart critics (myself included) skulking on the sidelines because "Sometimes you lose" is bound to follow. But Dr Hook did in fact "win" with this album as it … Continue reading

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DAVE EDMUNDS – Repeat When Necessary – (Swan Song) – 1979

I have said this about Dave on another comment: “What may be surprising is that he is English. Normally, I think it pointless to listen to English variations on these most American of the rock ‘n’ roll variations. And that … Continue reading

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