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RACHEL SWEET – Protect the Innocent – (Stiff) – 1980

Wow, if you read this blog you know I like Rachel Sweet. She wasn’t high on my radar in the early 80s but then again I wasn’t listen to much contemporary music. But, I have since discovered her. I like … Continue reading

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FRANKIE MILLER – Easy Money – (Chrysalis) – 1980

I've spoken about Frankie Miller before. Check out that comment for biographical detail and what not. Blues rock. A little of this goes a long way with me. Especially the 70s variety where Miller made his name. Well, the later … Continue reading

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THE JAGS – Evening Standards – (Island) – 1980

This has been floating around for ages. I had it, I listened to it, I tried to sell it, and somehow it ended back in my "to listen pile". At the time I thought this sounded too much like Elvis … Continue reading

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JOHN STEWART – Dream Babies Go Hollywood – (RSO) – 1980

This is Stewart's follow up to the mainstream success of his previous album "Bombs Away Dream Babies" (1979). Stewart had been in the music business for some twenty years, and had fame as a member of The Kingston Trio. But … Continue reading

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JERRY REED – Sings Jim Croce – (RCA) – 1980

Now, this is a treat for me as I love both Jerry Reed and Jim Croce. Even if Jerry just does rudimentary versions of Jim's songs that would be enough to keep me entertained. How this album came about I … Continue reading

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PETER ROWAN – Medicine Trail – (Flying Fish) – 1980

I have commented on Rowan's evocative debut album on this blog. Check that entry for background on his truly interesting career in music and some other bits and pieces on his style of  country music. I said this in relation … Continue reading

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BLUE ANGEL – Blue Angel – (Polydor) – 1980

For my readers who say I don't comment on enough "recent" records, recent being the 1980s, I give you Cyndi Lauper. Well, Cyndi Lauper's first band. And it's a rockabilly band! Well, perhaps "rock revival" rather than the rockabilly they … Continue reading

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SUE SAAD AND THE NEXT – Sue Saad and the Next – (Planet) – 1980

The new wave was a big wave which put out many, many music acts. I don't have any stats to prove this but it seems like everyone between 1978 – 1980,  who was even vaguely new wave was signed. There … Continue reading

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THE J. GEILS BAND – Love Stinks – (EMI) – 1980

And so does this album. Boom Boom ! That's a cheap shot. In a very early posting (#4 from 2009 in fact …. don't read it as those early postings are part of an email group, The Quads, and were … Continue reading

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ROCKY SULLIVAN – Illegal Entry – (Rag Baby Records) – 1980

Rocky Sullivan. Great name. Though it’s not his name. Rocky Sullivan was born as Anthony Galante in New York in 1948. He recorded with doo wop group The Visuals in the early 1960s, then with The Braid in the mid-70s … Continue reading

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