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VOLUNTEERS – Volunteers – (Arista) – 1976

I don’t have much information on “Volunteers”, the band, but it seems they are one of those bands where a couple of guys around town keep bumping into each other and decide to form a band. And if that fails, … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Wild Night – (United Artists) – 1976

This is an interesting album. This is Johnny's last album for United Artists which he had been with since 1964  (well, the United Artists banner – he was on Liberty and imperial as well,  see trivia at end) and, it … Continue reading

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DR HOOK – A Little Bit More – (Capitol) – 1976

Can you ever have enough Dr Hook? Don't answer that. Check my other comments for bio and detail. I have commented on earlier albums than this and later ones but this album is pivotal in some ways as it really … Continue reading

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ROD McKUEN – McKuen Country – (Warner Brothers) – 1976

McKuen goes country! And why not, when this album was released in 1976 country music was all over the pop charts. Country singers were regularly cracking the pop charts, country rock acts were in abundance, original rock n rollers were … Continue reading

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THE SONS OF CHAMPLIN – A Circle Filled With Love – (Ariola) – 1976

I commented on another Sons of Champlin album quite some time ago, "The Sons – Follow Your Heart – (Capitol) – 1971". As was my habit then the background was sketchy. I've gone for more padding since then… The Sons … Continue reading

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CHIP TAYLOR – Somebody Shoot Out The Jukebox – (Columbia) – 1976

The full title of this album is "Chip Taylor With Ghost Train". I'm not sure who Ghost Train are but I assume they are his backing band, George Kiriakis, David Kapell, John Platania, Joe Renda, David Mansfield and Beau Segal. … Continue reading

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COUNTRY JOE McDONALD – Love is a Fire – (Fantasy) – 1976

Allmusic: "A native of Washington, D.C., McDonald grew up in El Monte, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, where his parents, Florence and Worden, had moved to escape political difficulties in the capital city. Music played an important role through … Continue reading

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TOMMY JAMES – Midnight Rider – (Fantasy) – 1976

What makes Tommy run? Or rather What makes Tommy sing? James had his moment in the sun in one of the premier US pop rock acts of the mid to late 1960s, Tommy James and The Shondells. A singles band … Continue reading

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MELANIE – Photograph – (Atlantic) – 1976

I do like Melanie and I’m surprised by how many albums she put out and, accordingly, how many I don’t have. Is it worth having them all? I don’t know until I have heard them. So you are welcome to … Continue reading

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CHRIS HILLMAN – Slippin’ Away – (Asylum) – 1976

  On a comment I did about Hillman’s "Clear Sailing" album from 1977 I said this by way of background, "Anyone even remotely interested in country rock knows Chris Hillman. His PR is not as successful as many others in … Continue reading

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