There is nothing to buy on this blog.

The MP3s attached I record directly from the vinyl as samples to the albums contents.

I do not provide links or files to full albums. Please do not ask for the same.

If you are the copyright holder of music on an mp3 hosted by this blog and you do not wish to have it on this site then please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Though I love old LPs there is nothing wrong with CDs or digital downloads so please support the artists by buying their products.

Buying second hand does not put money in the artists pocket but it can lead to a love affair which will end up with you buying CDs etc of that artist and that may put money in the artists pocket. Similarly, the buying of a second hand LP and the discussion of the same is like a "butterfly effect" and may one day lead to money in the artists pocket.

See the links page for my favoured music buying sites, but, as good a place as any is my site

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