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THE MATCH – A New Light – (RCA) – 1969

I know very little about this band. No, less than “very little”… … next to nothing Google reveals that "next to nothing" whilst books I have reveal nothing (or is that, don't reveal anything). The group consisted of four vocalists … Continue reading

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COLOURS – Atmosphere – (Dot) – 1969

This one has been banging around my “maybe” pile for quite some time. I listened to it some time ago and I quite liked it but thought I might need the shelving space for something else. The first album with … Continue reading

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MICKEY NEWBURY – Looks Like Rain – (Mercury) – 1969

Check out my other comments for details and background on Mickey Newbury. You will need something on background because Mickey isn't a household name even though he was extremely influential as a songwriter. He wrote songs that were covered by … Continue reading

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CATCH – Catch – (Dot) – 1969

Now this is obscure. I bought this because it was a US pressing and $1. I was expecting jazz rock. I'm not sure why, maybe it's their dress. What is known and none of this is certain is that the … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – The Whole Enchilada – (Reprise) – 1969

I'm sure they like Trini in Nicaragua. I'm sure they like Trini throughout Latin America. I know I like Trini. A regular find in op shops crates he has become a firm favourite. This Dallas born Hispanic American had his … Continue reading

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BREWER & SHIPLEY – Weeds – (Kama Sutra) – 1969

If you only have a cursory knowledge of Brewer and Shipley or only know there one hit, "One Toke Over the Line" check out my other comments on them especially the last one on the "Shake off the Demon" album. … Continue reading

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COLOSSEUM – Colosseum – (Fontana) – 1969

aka  "Those Who Are About To Die Salute You". Jazz-rock English style, or rather, as someone suggests somewhere, "rock jazz". Either way I approach this with trepidation. For someone who had a resistance to jazz, or at least certain forms … Continue reading

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JACKIE DeSHANNON – Put a Little Love in Your Heart – (Imperial) – 1969

Check out my other blog entry for background on the talented Jackie DeShannon. This chick could do anything. She could write, play, sing, perform and was easy on the eye and yet big time success in the music industry had … Continue reading

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FRIENDSOUND – Joyride – (RCA) – 1969

This album I have had since the 1980s. I listened to it a few times and (kind of) liked it but eventually (in a rationalisation period) put it into a possible "to go" pile. That pile still exists but the … Continue reading

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PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – Alias Pink Puzz – (Columbia) – 1969

There is plenty of biographical information on this blog about Paul Revere & The Raiders so have  a look at all that for background. Also, by now there are quite a few of their albums commented on also, so you … Continue reading

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