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LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS – The Many-Splendored Guitars of Los Indios Tabajaras – (RCA) – 1965

Will there ever be a Los Indios Tabajaras cult? Is there a Los Indios Tabajaras cult? There should be a Los Indios Tabajaras cult. Los Indios Tabajaras, in their most famous and longest incarnation, are two brothers from Brazil who … Continue reading

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PATRICK SKY – Patrick Sky – (Vanguard) – 1965

I had not heard any music of Patrick Sky despite having read about him for many years. Sky was another of the many folk singers thrown out by the great folk music explosion of the 1960s in the US. He … Continue reading

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PETER & GORDON – I Go To Pieces – (Capitol) – 1965

Check my other Peter & Gordon comments for background and other ramblings. Peter & Gordon are a strange birds. They are folk, they are MOR, they are pop. They wrote their own songs. They did many covers. Maybe they were … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – In Action! – (Imperial) – 1965

You know the drill. Biographical details and musical stylistic observations on Johnny Rivers are on any number of other entries on this blog. This was Johnny's 3rd album and 3rd album of 1964. It was his first studio album despite … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – The Rhythm & Blues Album – (Reprise) – 1965

Trini's ninth album and only three years since his first. When you are on a good thing milk it. You have to pay the bills. Check my other comments out for biographical details of the vastly underrated Trini Lopez. Trini's … Continue reading

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CILLA BLACK – Cilla – (Parlophone) – 1965

Cilla swings? Swinging Cilla? There is a time, perhaps, in everyone's life where they are "hip", "now", "with it", "mod", "happening" and every other trans-generational word for someone who typifies the moment. 1965 was Cilla's year. Swinging London was in … Continue reading

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LEN BARRY – 1-2-3 – (Decca) – 1965

I've talked about Len Barry and his former vocal band The Dovells both on this blog before. I love vocal bands and vocalists. At some time around 1962 the musical world changed forever and the age of the musician as, … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – The Folk Album – (Reprise) – 1965

For a long time I didn’t pay any attention to Trini Lopez. By that I do not mean I didn’t like him. I just, sort of, ignored him. I assumed, wrongly, that he was an MOR lightweight signed to Frank … Continue reading

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THE ASTRONAUTS – Down The Line – (RCA) – 1965

Yes, another Astronauts LP – hey, don’t complain it could have been another Bobby Vee. I get on these kicks. Look at my other comments on The Astronauts for background detail on them. I would be repeating myself (again) if … Continue reading

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THE BEACH BOYS – Beach Boys’ Party – (Capitol) – 1965

Cats and pigeons …   Warning … generalisations abound. I acknowledge there are always exceptions but for the purpose of this comment, generalisations abound … read on …   The Beach Boys were what they call in the United States a … Continue reading

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