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GENE PITNEY – I Must Be Seeing Things – (Musicor) – 1965

Pitney’s career was still on the way up. His career hadn’t been derailed by The Beatles or by changes in taste as had happened to so many other white male solo vocalists of the early 1960s. Ultimately, it was the … Continue reading

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THE EVERLY BROTHERS – Two Yanks in England – (Warner Brothers) – 1966

I love the Everly Brothers. Many people do, though generally, they aren’t as revered as the hell raisers and out and out rock ‘n’ rollers from the 1950s. Elvis will forever reign supreme as he straddled or created a number … Continue reading

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WEREWOLVES – Werewolves – (RCA) – 1978

I had not heard of The Werewolves before but picked this up because there is a vaguely New Wave-ish power pop look to this band from 1978. Something I'm not alone in as they do crop up on power pop … Continue reading

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BOBBY VEE – Live! On Tour – (Liberty) – 1965

A live album. 1965! This would have been the first live rock ‘n’ pop album ever … if it was live. It wasn’t. The audience noise is “canned” "Canned” applause is pre-recorded applause which is usually added to the sound … Continue reading

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TOMMY ROE – Phantasy – (ABC Records ) – 1967

1967. The times were a changing … again. Well, at least the musical times were. Some people that music can change times but I believe that the times create the music. That music may have a profound impact on you, … Continue reading

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BADFINGER – No Dice – (Apple) – 1970

Badfinger where on the way up at the time of release of this album. This is their first proper album. Their actual first album, the soundtrack album, "Magic Christian Music", was actually a hodgepodge of tracks. Five songs were recorded … Continue reading

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BOBBY RYDELL – Wild (Wood) Days – (Cameo) – 1963

Music critics and enthusiasts often refer to the early 60s of rock and pop as the “Bobby era” due to the amount of singers named Bobby: Bobby Darin, Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee. The reference is pejorative. The inference … Continue reading

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DR HOOK – Sloppy Seconds – (CBS) – 1972

1972. "Sloppy Seconds" All songs written by satirist Shel Silverstein. I know where this album is going, and, I'm pretty sure it would not be released on a major label today. Well, not without a lot of controversy. So, if … Continue reading

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JESSE COLIN YOUNG – The Highway is for Heroes – (Cypress) – 1987

Jesse Colin Young is always welcome on this blog but you have to approach anything released in the mainstream, in the 80s, with trepidation. Yes, yes, I know I whinge about the 80s mainstream but it was, largely, awful. Everything … Continue reading

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FABIAN – Hold That Tiger! – (Chancellor) – 1959

I’ve always liked Fabian as a result of watching films he made in the 1960s. Not  just the teen films but  his two films with Jimmy Stewart, “Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation” (1962) and Dear Brigitte (1965), as well as … Continue reading

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