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Great (and bad) record sleeves of the past … from my collection.
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JACK NITZSCHE - The Lonely Surfer - (Reprise) - 1965

The great Jack Nitzsche. I recall finding this in an op shop many years ago and my mate Carl, who was with me, took one look at the sleeve and said …."It's pretty clear why he's lonely". Fair comment.

BUDDY COLE - Have Organ Will Swing - (WB) - 1958

Organ instrumental albums are easy targets. Many were made in the 50s. Bongos were also prominent in the 50s. But, the question remains, did they intend a double entendre at the time?


SCOTT McDONALD - Music For Riding Horses - Pet Records - 1984 I'm not sure where the turntable is while you are off riding your horse.

MARCY TIGNER & LITTLE MARCY - Sings Jesus Loves Me - (Word) - 1973

Evangelical Christian albums are easy targets but Marcy is asking for it. Evangelicalism plus ventriloquism equals religion for dummies?

ALLAN SEALE - Music to Grow Plants By - (Telmak) - 198?

The Australian gardening legend puts his name to an allbum of muzak which would make the sturdiest begonia wilt. Songs include "The Theme from Dr Zhivago", "Morning has Broken" and "The Way we Were". All perfect for plants.

ERIC CARMEN - Tonight You're Mine - (Arista) - 1980

Even with my cynicsm of any criticism remotely sounding PC this sleeve certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

DAVID T WALKER - On Love - (Ode) - 1976

Nothing says romance like some scattered flower petals. Yeh, whatever.

HARAD WINKLER - Alone Again - (Telefunken) - 1973

Harald, are you surprised?

KARL SWOBODA - Zither Magic - (Phillips) - 1960s

When I want to impress the chicks I pull out my zither. Seriously, I think there is room for zither parties in the 21st century. Alcohol would help also.

MIGHTY ACCORDION BAND - They Said It Couldn't Be Done - (Capitol) - 1950s

"Couldn't" should be replaced with "shouldn't". What's with the ape? I love accordions. They remind me of my youth. So do apes for that matter …. I used to read a lot of Tarzan novels.

VARIOUS - My Pussy Belongs to Daddy - (Beacon) - 1960s

Maybe it's my Catholic education but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and accept that they didn't know that this sleeve could be taken the wrong way.

PAGLIARO - Time Rage - (CBS) - 1977

wtf? Given the equipment you'd think Pagliaro was a English or German military afficonado at best, kinky porn star at worst, but he's actually a French Canadian rocker.

EDDIE OSBORN - Organ & Bongos - (Audio Fidelity) - 1957

I've said it before … organ albums are easy targets. But organ and bongos! Benny Hill where are you? Actually the album is quite good and there is nothing quite like announcing at dinner parties that you are about to pull out "Organ and Bongos".

MIKE BRADY - Invisible Man - (Full Moon) - 1979

I have never seen a better reason for struggling to become a pop star than this. The photoshoot to your first album cover.


RAY ANTHONY - Golden Horn - (Capitol) - 1955 
Call me juvenile.There is nothing remotely funny on this sleeve, it's just whenever I read "horn" in a title I have a silent inward chuckle.


 JOHN LESLIE - Ireland a Go Go - (Opp) - 1968
Ireland,1968. The only thing that was go go-ing was people, via migration, to other countries. No comely wench with a puppet on a string is going to convince me otherwise.

HARRY BREUER - Mallet Mischief - (Audio Fidelity) - 1959

The look on Harry's face clearly indicates he knows the power he has over women.
Move over rock n roll guitar Gods the xylophone is clearly the instrument of sex and seduction. Have you ever seen a girl in such ecstacy? I wish my mallets had that effect on chicks.

GEORGE RYAN & WILLIAM DALY - Organ Goes South of the Border - (Astor)

And isn't she pleased with that idea.
Yup, organ albums, hours of amusement.

CEES VERSCHOOR - Dutch Sax - (Capitol) - 1957

Lesson one in how to sell an album of jazz standards by a MOR Dutch saxophononist to Americans.
Given the notoriously liberal Dutch I'm surprised with the rather conservative attire on the girl. No clogs though.

ZOLANG DE LEPEL - Turnette - 60s ( Scandinavian inst & chorus )

If I opened the door and saw this party I think I would say "I'm scared and I'm not coming in".


GERRY MONROE - Sally Pride of our Alley - (London) - 1970

I'm very happy for Sally. My only advice is make sure you are wearing protection if you go up that alley.

BIG BEN HAWAIIAN BAND - On the Beach at Waikiki - (Columbia) - 1963

Where is this beach? Waikiki you say. How much are flights?


Hank Locklin - Send Me The Pillow You Dream On - 1973 - (RCA)

"Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On"

My advice : say "No"


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