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JESSE COLIN YOUNG – The Highway is for Heroes – (Cypress) – 1987

Jesse Colin Young is always welcome on this blog but you have to approach anything released in the mainstream, in the 80s, with trepidation. Yes, yes, I know I whinge about the 80s mainstream but it was, largely, awful. Everything … Continue reading

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THE BRANDOS – Honor Among Thieves – (Relativity) – 1987

I had no knowledge about this band till now. They weren't on my radar and that's strange because the 80s and the 90s were the decades I spent a lot of time searching out new non-mainstream sounds, especially from the … Continue reading

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JOHN HARTFORD – Annual Waltz – (Dot) – 1987

I'm frequently criticised for all the "old" records I comment on. I point out that this blog is a vinyl  music blog and vinyl died in the early to mid 90s in Australia. Accordingly, vinyl product after that is hard … Continue reading

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THE NEIGHBORHOODS – Reptile Men – (Emergo) – 1987

A post powerpop band. I’m not sure what that makes them. Don’t say "post powerpop" They are a 3-piece (naturally enough for a powerpop band) The Neighborhoods were formed in 1977 and hail from Boston.  Apparently, they were quite popular … Continue reading

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JETHRO TULL – Crest of a Knave – (Chrysalis) – 1987

what Frank is listening to #204 – JETHRO TULL – Crest of a Knave – (Chrysalis) – 1987 I went through a short Jethro Tull phase.   Didn't we all?   Growing up in the inner west of Brisbane, in … Continue reading

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WALL OF VOODOO – Happy Planet – (IRS) – 1987

what Frank is listening to #200 – WALL OF VOODOO – Happy Planet – (IRS) – 1987 Of course I love "Wall of Voodoo" ("WOV"), well the Stan Ridgway era. In fact everything I have heard by Stan Ridgway thus far (Wall … Continue reading

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THE CHRISTIANS – Self Titled – (Island) – 1987

     Urrgghhh … new British Soul – a music that truly makes me ill. Fucken awful. I literally have to stop myself from pulling the record from the turntable and smashing it against the table corner … a act I find … Continue reading

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