Second Hand
a diverse collection of records, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, books and maybe (one day) clothes and collectibles. Friendly service and honest. I’m biased. This site is run by my wife.
A Brisbane independent record store (there is a Sydney sister store) with a great range of stock with knowledgeable staff.

A Brisbane institution. Not so great on vinyl but a large range of new and used CDs with a leaning to independent and alternative music. It is also the best place to buy Brisbane local music.
One of the best reissue labels in the world.
Contemporary cutting edge releases from Australia and the world. Run out of Brisbane.

A great Elvis website and it happens to be based in Australia.
A great rockabilly site.
A great rockabilly site.
the best on-line current music spot for discerning listeners
a great rock music site
a great lounge music site.
a great bluegrass site
a great country music site.
The charts
Home page for the great music magazines “Now Dig This” and “Elvis: The Man and his Music”
Home page to the great music magazine “Bucketful of Brains”. Perfect for rock n roll, psych, garage etc.
website for the defunct magazine “Forced Exposure”, one of the best punk / alternative music magazines of it’s day.

a great history of alternative, indie and punk music in Australia.
a good local blog, leaning towards indie music.
a blog history of Brisbane music and a great read.
Rehearsal rooms. You dont have to be in a band to enjoy this.
a bit unused but an interesting read.
photos of indie bands in Brisbane in the 80s
More stuff from the Brisbane underground of years past.
Punk, DIY, powerpop, grillfat, glam, NWOAHM from Australia 1975-1984.
current underground sounds from Australia, specifically Brisbane
Website to the Australian underground fanzine, “Negative Guest List”.
More current sounds, from Australia especially


These are the review sites I enjoy reading the most mainly because they deal equally with the obscure and the well known in an informed manner.

Hiking with a punk attitude. Lot of detail and stories from a former musician who now spends a lot of time walking around the world. Great pictures and some nice informed cynicism.
I love walking an despite any number of Bruce Springsteen songs about the car it has turned out be one of the greatest (if necessary) evils of the last 100 years. Walk more. Pedestrians Rule
Alternative news. Find out what is really going on.
We all like to eat out. Still the best general guide around.
US Library of Congress
a great site to get digital products to take your listening experience into the 21st century
Some of my favourite BYO restaurants in the Brisbane area.
All things retro. I love it.
a blog from a chick with attitude.
a blog from a guy who makes sense and backs it up  …something rare in blogs.
some people collect records, some collects books, this friend collects Hollywood costumes.

I love the movies as mush as I love music though with film I am probably more rigid. A blanket statement of mine is …the last great film came out in 1976 (“The Shootist”). Clearly that’s not the ace but it does sum up my attitude to film.
OK, so I have Croatian heritage.
and I’m a thoughtful Catholic.

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