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JACKIE DeSHANNON – You’re the Only Dancer – (Amherst) – 1977

Keeping up with current sounds is normal for a musician. Where I have a problem with it is if the act have totally changed their sound for the sake of jumping on a trend or sound which wasn't there before. … Continue reading

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JONATHAN EDWARDS – Sailboat – (Warner Brothers) – 1977

Jonathan Edwards is one of those folky singer-songwriters who has slipped through the music popularity cracks. At least over here in Australia. In the States he has a career, plays, has a fan base, and even had a hit ("Sunshine", … Continue reading

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DIANA ROSS – Baby It’s Me – (Motown) – 1977

I don’t think I’m a sensitive new age male or a metrosexual though I’m well acquainted with my sensitive side and don’t mind expressing the same. I can say I like Broadway soundtracks, film musicals, 60s girl groups, Melanie LPs … Continue reading

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DAVID DUNDAS – Jeans On – (Crysalis) – 1977

   Does one song justify a career? Well maybe but it’s not a question I have to think about because there wasn’t quite a career here. Does one song justify an album? Perhaps not, but in pop it has on … Continue reading

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HARRY NILSSON – Knnillssonn – (RCA) – 1977

I started another Nilsson entry on this blog with a "Nilsson is a genius" statement. Check out that entry for reasons why and biographical detail. I would like to be short as this "comment" is a rush job of sorts. … Continue reading

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JOHN STEWART – Fire in The Wind – (RSO) – 1977

Stewart had a strange career. Perhaps, but I don’t know, for a time he was known as one of the vocalists for the (successful) folk band The Kingston Trio. Nowadays, that isn’t that widely known. Normally people may recall him … Continue reading

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JESSE COLIN YOUNG – Love on the Wing – (Warner Brothers) – 1977

Very early in my blogging I commented on another Jesse Colin Young album. You can search that it you wish though here I will flesh out a few of the points I raised there. Wikipedia: “Jesse Colin Young is an … Continue reading

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DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND – Twilley Don’t Mind – (Arista) – 1977

Check my other comments on Dwight Twilley and power pop. Twilley is perhaps the most central figure in the power pop genre and perhaps one of the most influential fusing Beatles melodies and Elvis rock n roll. He takes the … Continue reading

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ROGER McGUINN – Thunderbyrd – (Columbia) – 1977

A weird album for Roger McGuinn to put out. There are only four original songs on this LP but McGuinn, in the folk tradition, has no problems about doing covers as long as they fit in with the concept. The … Continue reading

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STEVE HUNTER – Swept Away – (Atlantic) – 1977

No doubt there will be guitarists out there who will say this album changed their lives or that I don’t understand the album because I don’t play guitar.   Bullfuck.   A instrumental rock album with guitar as its focus … Continue reading

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