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DENNIS LINDE – Linde Manor – (Intrepid) – 1970

Dennis Linde (March 18, 1943 – December 22, 2006) … "Songwriter Dennis Linde remained a fixture of the country charts for decades, penning blockbusters for everyone from Elvis Presley to the Dixie Chicks. Born March 18, 1943, in Abilene, TX, … Continue reading

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JOHN DENVER – Take Me to Tomorrow – (RCA) – 1970

It’s hard to explain how popular John Denver was in the 70s, so just accept that he was. He was everywhere … in the charts, on television, in films and on constant tour around the world. He is, generally, assumed … Continue reading

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JOHNNY MATHIS – Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – (CBS) – 1970

Johnny Mathis hasn't reached the iconic status of other singers from the 20th century. And this is a guy who has sold 350 million records worldwide, making him, arguably, the third biggest selling artist of the 20th century. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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DELANEY & BONNIE – To Bonnie from Delaney – (Atco) – 1970

I have a couple of Delaney & Bonnie albums. If you like southern blue eyed soul and rock you will have them in your collection. And I like southern blue eyed soul and rock … There are worries though … … Continue reading

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ARLO GUTHRIE – Washington County – (Reprise) – 1970

"Washington County" is Arlo's fourth album and third studio album. Arlo had already proven himself as a voice separate to that of his father, folk legend Woody Guthrie. Here at the age of 23, at the dawn of the 1970s … Continue reading

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GENE PITNEY – This Is Gene Pitney Singing The Platters’ Golden Platters – (Musicor) – 1970

Check out my other comments for biographical detail on Gene. In late 1969 Gene was not riding high in the charts, well, not the US charts, His album sales had slumped and he wasn't a big album seller anyway. But … Continue reading

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JAKE HOLMES – So Close, So Very far To Go – (Polydor) – 1970

This album would crop up now and then in op shops and I bought it on a whim (many years ago) because I liked the mood conveyed in the cover art. Reading up on Jake I found he was the … Continue reading

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THE DILLARDS – Copperfields – (Elektra) – 1970

I've commented on The Dillards before in relation to their wonderful "Wheatstraw Suite" (1968) album. Look to that comment for discussion on country rock, bluegrass cross-over and the seminal position of The Dillards in the evolution of country rock and … Continue reading

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JOE SOUTH – Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home? – (Capitol) – 1970

I'm excited. Check my other comments in relation to Joe South's career and musical pedigree but I will say here that Joe's music fits into a genre that emerged in the late 1960s and which subsequently was called "white southern … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Slim Slo Rider – (Imperial) – 1970

I like Johnny Rivers but, to be fair, he always seemed to have an eye on what was happening around him. Most musicians do I suspect, well at least those who want some commercial success do. It would be reasonable … Continue reading

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