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LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS – Maria Elena – (RCA) – 1963

This is the big one from 1963. The one that propelled Los Indios Tabajaras to the world stage and kick started "Indios Tabajaras Mania". Well not quite. I have commented on this duo of Brazilian Indian exotica guitarists before. Check … Continue reading

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PAT BOONE – Days of Wine and Roses – (Dot) – 1963

Whenever I comment on a Pat Boone album I inevitable start off by defending him. Pat Boone isn’t very popular with hard core music fans. Apparently he stole songs from black artists and denied them the charts. Him personally. But … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – More Trini Lopez at PJs – (Reprise) – 1963

I'm in a rush. Trini, Johnny, Melanie? When I'm in a rush to put out a comment I turn to old favourites –  or rather new favourites. Artists who haven't let me down, left my spirits and cause the words … Continue reading

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THE DOVELLS – You Can’t Sit Down – (Parkway) – 1963

hey all ..it's a long day ..I apologise for the layout but the turdmunchers at wordpress (or one of the piece of crap plug-ins) have gone and changed everything without any notice and I don't have the time right now … Continue reading

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DION – Love Came to Me – (Laurie) – 1963

I’ve waxed lyrical about Dion before. Read my other posts in relation to biographical detail on Dion Francis DiMucci (his bio makes an interesting read). He was a relaxed rocker, a convincing doo wopper, a surprisingly gifted white bluesman, a … Continue reading

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BOBBY VEE – I Remember Buddy Holly – (Liberty) – 1963

I have commented on some of Vee’s later albums which I find quite endearing and much underrated. This album is from his hit making period and he does, as the title suggests, an entire album of Buddy Holly songs. This … Continue reading

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DEL SHANNON – Little Town Flirt – (London) – 1963

Despite the fact I didn't have this album till recently there is nothing new here to me as I had heard all the tracks before on compilations and on a Shannon box set I have. Still for the sake of completeness … … Continue reading

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GENE PITNEY – Only Love Can Break a Heart – (UA) – 1963

I have reviewed a later Gene LP before and said "Everyone has a favourite Gene Pitney song , don't they? If they don't they don't have a heart".   I also said, "Gene was a consummate (if occasionally melodramatic) vocalist. … Continue reading

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ARTHUR LYMAN – At the Crescendo – (GNP Crescendo) – 1963

I love Arthur Lyman (refer back to "What Frank is listening to #67") and I have long been devoted to exotica (refer to my "What Frank is listening to #21" where I discussed Martin Denny and exotica).   For those who … Continue reading

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LOU CHRISTIE – Self Titled – (Roulette) – 1963

I have commented on a Lou Christie LP before – "What Frank is listening to #15" I am partial to this era of rock because it's, just, fun. The era I refer to is the "post Elvis – pre Beatles" era (though … Continue reading

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