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EDWIN STARR – Clean – (20th Century Fox Records) – 1978

I’m not a big soul fan but there are individual soul songs I find magnificent. “War” (1970) by Edwin Starr in one of them. Starr’s career had its highs and lows. The soul ground had changed in the 70s as … Continue reading

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WEREWOLVES – Werewolves – (RCA) – 1978

I had not heard of The Werewolves before but picked this up because there is a vaguely New Wave-ish power pop look to this band from 1978. Something I'm not alone in as they do crop up on power pop … Continue reading

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MELANIE – Ballroom Streets – (Tomato records) – 1978

Regular readers of this blog would know I have a thing for Melanie. She is one of my favourite chick singers in rock and pop. For those not up to speed on Melanie, or only know Melanie from her early … Continue reading

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TUFF DARTS – Tuff Darts! – (Sire) – 1978

This album has been kicking around for a while also. I had little knowledge of the band beyond them being a New York first generation punk band. A lot of first generation punk bands are, perhaps, or need to be, … Continue reading

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PETER ROWAN – Peter Rowan – (Flying Fish) – 1978

Peter Rowan isn't a household name but he is well known to rock obscure-ists and .ore importantly to enthusiasts of American bluegrass. And he has been playing guitar, yodelling, singing and song writing for a long time. Wikipedia: Rowan was … Continue reading

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JOHN HARTFORD – Headin’ Down Into the Mystery Below – (Flying Fish) – 1978

I have fought the urge to rush out a Rod McKuen, who died a couple of days ago, comment today. I have commented on McKuen before, and I love his music, but I don't think it would be wise to … Continue reading

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DAVE EDMUNDS – Tracks on Wax – (Swan Song) – 1978

Edmunds' immersion and love of 50s and 60 straight ahead rock 'n' roll  meant he has kept the spirit of that music alive in times when it had very little commercial potential.   And, importantly, he did it with incredible … Continue reading

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MELANIE – Phonogenic – Not Just Another Pretty Face – (Philips) – 1978

I commented on another late Melanie album no so long ago, “Arabesque” (1982).. It was a revelation as I thought she had gone off the boil by the mid-1970s. That album proved me wrong. See my other comment for biographical … Continue reading

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DR HOOK – Pleasure & Pain – (Capitol) – 1978

Dr Hook. How do I end up here? Answer: A couple of  Stones Green Ginger Wines with ice whilst reading my friends blog which has frequent suitably rustic themes (http://thegoatthatwrote.net/ ). I apologise to him in advance for linking him … Continue reading

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ARLO GUTHRIE – One Night – (Warner Brothers) – 1978

  If you need proof that Arlo was something beyond the son of Woody or the disciple of Bob Dylan then listen to this album. The album isn’t totally successful ,but, Arlo’s scope and vision clearly place him at the … Continue reading

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