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Hi, I'm just a person with a love of music, a lot of records and some spare time. My opinions are comments not reviews and are mine so don't be offended if I have slighted your favourite artist. I have listened to a lot of music and I don't pretend to be impartial. You can contact me on though I would rather you left a comment. I also sell music at Cheers

PETER AND GORDON – In London for Tea – (Capitol) – 1967

I am partial to Peter & Gordon, I have always been partial to tea, I can take or leave London* *(though if I were to take it I would take North London where I stayed with friends in my salad … Continue reading

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THE MATCH – A New Light – (RCA) – 1969

I know very little about this band. No, less than “very little”… … next to nothing Google reveals that "next to nothing" whilst books I have reveal nothing (or is that, don't reveal anything). The group consisted of four vocalists … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Wild Night – (United Artists) – 1976

This is an interesting album. This is Johnny's last album for United Artists which he had been with since 1964  (well, the United Artists banner – he was on Liberty and imperial as well,  see trivia at end) and, it … Continue reading

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DANNY O’KEEFE – O’Keefe – (Signpost) – 1972

Okay, this isn’t actually a new find as I have had it awhile and had already graduated to the “keep” side of the ledger but I’m an O’Keefe kick … and, this is a cleaner copy than the one I … Continue reading

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HELEN MERRILL – American Country Songs – (Atco) – 1959

Helen Merrill is a great vocalist. She could sing anything. And she has proved it time and again …  over 60+ years of professional recording. She does country tunes here but she has done smooth jazz, swing, pop, trad pop, … Continue reading

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CHIP TAYLOR – Chip Taylor’s Last Chance – (Warner Brothers) – 1973

Check out my other comments for background on Chip. He has his roots, schizophrenic style, in both 60s Brill building pop and country music. You could assume that a native New Yorker from Yonkers could understandably be a Brill building … Continue reading

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COLOURS – Atmosphere – (Dot) – 1969

This one has been banging around my “maybe” pile for quite some time. I listened to it some time ago and I quite liked it but thought I might need the shelving space for something else. The first album with … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Rewind – (Imperial) – 1967

Johnny Rivers is no stranger to this blog. A much underappreciated (here in Australia) contributor to rock ‘n’ pop, Rivers had many hits but has eluded the critical acclaim thrown on many of his contemporaries. That’s not to say he … Continue reading

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SAMMY DAVIS Jr – Now – (MGM) – 1972

Sammy Davis Jr is part of my musical memory. He was always there. “Samuel George Davis Jr. (December 8, 1925 – May 16, 1990) was an American singer, dancer, actor and comedian. He was noted for his impressions of actors, … Continue reading

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FRANKIE AVALON – Frankie Avalon – (Chancellor) – 1958

Of all the pure pop stars of the late 1950s and early 1960s Frankie Avalon is perhaps the most derided. Well, it’s either him or Fabian. Like Fabian he was Italian-American. Like Fabian he was a product of un-hip Philadelphia. … Continue reading

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