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Hi, I'm just a person with a love of music, a lot of records and some spare time. My opinions are comments not reviews and are mine so don't be offended if I have slighted your favourite artist. I have listened to a lot of music and I don't pretend to be impartial. You can contact me on though I would rather you left a comment. I also sell music at Cheers

THE EVERLY BROTHERS – Two Yanks in England – (Warner Brothers) – 1966

I love the Everly Brothers. Many people do, though generally, they aren’t as revered as the hell raisers and out and out rock ‘n’ rollers from the 1950s. Elvis will forever reign supreme as he straddled or created a number … Continue reading

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WEREWOLVES – Werewolves – (RCA) – 1978

I had not heard of The Werewolves before but picked this up because there is a vaguely New Wave-ish power pop look to this band from 1978. Something I'm not alone in as they do crop up on power pop … Continue reading

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PAUL PARRISH – Songs – (Warner Brothers) – 1971

How sensitive to I feel today? I have fears that Paul Parrish is going to be a singer songwriter of the most maudlin kind. Usually,  the piano player ones, for whatever reason,  lean that way. That, combined with the song … Continue reading

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BADFINGER – Say No More – (Radio Records) – 1981

This is the last album from Badfinger. Here they are trying to hook onto the resurgence of power pop and retro sounds through the New Wave. It's not sad, as they had being doing it all along. It is slick … Continue reading

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CLAUDE KING – Meet Claude King – (Columbia) – 1962

I know Claude from his 45, “The Comancheros” which I bought because of its John Wayne tie-in novelty value. I loved the film, which is one the earliest John Wayne films I recall seeing, and the song (released after the … Continue reading

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BOBBY VEE – Live! On Tour – (Liberty) – 1965

A live album. 1965! This would have been the first live rock ‘n’ pop album ever … if it was live. It wasn’t. The audience noise is “canned” "Canned” applause is pre-recorded applause which is usually added to the sound … Continue reading

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TOMMY ROE – Phantasy – (ABC Records ) – 1967

1967. The times were a changing … again. Well, at least the musical times were. Some people that music can change times but I believe that the times create the music. That music may have a profound impact on you, … Continue reading

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THE ROLLERS (Bay City Rollers) – Elevator – (Arista) – 1978

The Rollers were the renamed Bay City Rollers trying to shake off their teen idol past but the only thing they suceeded in shaking off was their popularity. I don’t remember this incarnation of the Bay City Rollers but I … Continue reading

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MICKEY NEWBURY – After All These Years – (Mercury) – 1981

The magnificent Mickey Newbury. One of the greatest of all country singer songwriters. Check out my other comments for biographical detail on him as well as other ramblings. The guy on the cover art could be a salesman or perhaps … Continue reading

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BADFINGER – No Dice – (Apple) – 1970

Badfinger where on the way up at the time of release of this album. This is their first proper album. Their actual first album, the soundtrack album, "Magic Christian Music", was actually a hodgepodge of tracks. Five songs were recorded … Continue reading

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