DR HOOK – Sometimes You Win … – (Capitol) – 1979

Dr Hook - Sometimes You Win ...

"Sometimes you win …." is a dangerous album title if you half smart critics (myself included) skulking on the sidelines


"Sometimes you lose" is bound to follow.

But Dr Hook did in fact "win" with this album as it sold well.

But there are also losers …… the contemporary listener


Perhaps, but, I cut Dr Hook a lot of slack because I was quite fond of them and on their best tracks (as heard through a well chosen compilation) they are fun, with some genuine toe tapping and catchy songs.

Sure a lot of the music is pop with country overtones or just MOR soft rock (like here) but the music has a strident gentleness (if that makes sense) even when it is rocking out or ribald and accordingly it does work well as background to beer drinking.

And that is enough.

Would you rather "One Direction" or any of the screechers from any of the lame "Who wants to be pop star " television shows?

So cut Dr Hook some slack and reach for a beer.

Having said that this album has Dr Hook moving outside their usual styles and incorporating some white disco and perhaps a little Caribbean beat.

They come across as bearded lounge lizards. Bearded dragons (an Australian reference) perhaps?

This is not a good turn.

But, hell, what do I know, because like I have said, the album sold okay and there were three Top 10 tracks in the US.

Check out my other comments for bio and musings not unlike the above.

Tracks (best in italics)

  • Better Love Next Time –  (Steve Pippen / Larry Keith / Johnny Slate) – Start with a hit. A good idea. Very slight but catchy.
  • In Over My Head – (Eddie Rabbitt / Even Stevens / Dan Tyler) – Very slight asnd not very catchy. Some female deep breathing
  • Sexy Eyes – (R.J. Mather / Keith Stegall / Chris Waters) –  Another hit.
  • Oh! Jesse – (Sam Weedman) –  Followed by crap
  • Years from Now  – (Charles Cochran / Roger Cook / Alonzo Tucker) – this was a minor hit in Australia,  I think. Romantic dramatic MOR mush but memorable in a leech on the leg kind of way. " Years from Now" was previously recorded by Bobbi Humphrey in 1977 and Don Williams covered it in 1981.
  • I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin' – (Dennis Locorriere / Ray Sawyer) – 
  • When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman – (Even Stevens) –  A big hit. This was also on their 1978 album "Pleasure & Pain". I have no idea why it is here again.
  • What Do You Want? – (Eddie Rabbitt / Even Stevens) – dumb white disco.
  • Love Monster – (Sam Weedman) –
  • Mountain Mary – (Ray Sawyer / Shel Silverstein) – a old Dr Hook type of country hoedown which is a little out of place here.
  • Help Me Mama – (Ray Sawyer / Shel Silverstein ) – likewise …a light country blues which with the last tune seems to have come off another album

And …

Tape a couple for that perfect Dr Hook compilation tape and then …. sell.
Chart Action
1979  When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman  Adult Contemporary  #5 
1979  When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman  Country Singles  #68 
1979  When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman  The Billboard Hot 100  #6 
1979  Sharing The Night Together  The Billboard Hot 100  #6 
1979  Better Love Next Time  Adult Contemporary  #3 
1979  Better Love Next Time  Country Singles  #91 
1980  Years From Now  The Billboard Hot 100  #51 
1980  Sexy Eyes  Adult Contemporary  #6 
1980  Sexy Eyes  R&B Singles  #67 
1980  Sexy Eyes  The Billboard Hot 100  #5 
1980  I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin'  Country Singles  #80 
1980  Better Love Next Time  The Billboard Hot 100  #12 

1971 #71

1979 Better Love Next Time #8
1980 Sexy Eyes #4
1980 Years From Now #47

1979 #14

1979 Better Love Next Time #24
1980 Sexy Eyes #41
1980 Years From Now #72



Better Love Next Time
mp3 attached

Dr Hook – Better Love Next Time







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