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JOHN HIATT – All of a Sudden – (Geffen) – 1982

When reading about John HIatt you will often read something like  "John Hiatt's sales have never quite matched his reputation". There is truth in that. But, there is a reason for that. His albums, and (disclaimer) I have not heard … Continue reading

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ALBERT HAMMOND – Somewhere in America – (Columbia) – 1982

I do like Albert Hammond. Check out the other blog entries for biographical details and ruminations. I've said this before, and I've even used this before but I like it. When I commented on his 1977 album, "When  I Need … Continue reading

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HAWKS – 30 Seconds Over Otho – (Columbia) – 1982

I have spoken about power pop before in this blog. I have commented on it's history, on it's pedigree, on it's popularity. But, what really becomes noticeable when discussing power pop LPs is it's universal regionality, if that phrase makes … Continue reading

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RACHEL SWEET – Blame it on Love – (CBS) – 1982

Sex sells, or have pout will travel. Pout; push one's lips or one's bottom lip forward as an expression of petulant annoyance or in order to make oneself look sexually attractive. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pout Rachel Sweet had tons of talent but still, … Continue reading

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PAUL COLLINS’ BEAT – The Kids Are The Same – (Columbia) – 1982

I've commented on The Beat's other album, their debut, from 1979. And the comments there could largely apply to this album. Which means this is a splendid slice of power pop , which by it's nature is visceral, rarely dull, … Continue reading

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DAVE EDMUNDS – D.E. 7 – (Arista) – 1982

Not another Dave Edmunds album I hear you say. Tough. I like Dave Edmunds and you should do. That’s not an order but a suggestion. If we had more Dave Edmunds in this world we would have less James Blunts … Continue reading

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MELANIE – Arabesque – (Blanche Records) – 1982

  Fuck I loved Melanie when I was younger. Well actually I loved two albums: “Candles in the Rain” from 1970 and “Gather Me” from 1971 They were the albums that seemed to always be in op-shops in the 80s. … Continue reading

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STEVE FORBERT – Steve Forbert – (Epic) – 1982

Poor Steve Forbert. He was burdened with the title “the new Dylan” when his first LP was released in 1978.   Forbert’s specific attributes for the “new Dylan” title were his Americana shaggy troubadour persona, conversational lyrics with sophisticated wordplay, … Continue reading

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THE INNOCENTS – The Innocents – (Boardwalk) – 1982

Is anyone out there? The loneliness of the long distance record listener ….   This album is powerpop disguised as New Wave and perhaps a little more New Wave than other powerpop bands who lean the same way. And this … Continue reading

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YAZOO – Upstairs at Eric’s – (Mute) – 1982

This album normally would have no place in my pile of records, let alone my record collection. As a youth in the 1980s this music was all over the radio and at the time, perhaps recklessly, it defined to me … Continue reading

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