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THE RADIATORS – Scream of the Real – (EMI) – 1983

Between 1980 – 1981 The Radiators had established themselves as one of Australia’s best pub rock bands. They had released the magnificent mini album (and favourite of every high school boy) “You Have The Right To Remain Silent” (1980) and … Continue reading

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JOHN HIATT – Riding With The King – (Geffen) – 1983

Who is John Hiatt? It's a question that has been raised many times, sometimes unfairly, by others. I have asked it, in a round about way, myself (see my other comment), but cut him slack because he deserves it. Hiatt … Continue reading

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COUNTRY JOE McDONALD – Childs Play – (Rag Baby Records) – 1983

I like Country Joe McDonald. He is like a more strident, less lyrical Arlo Guthrie. He is also more experimental than Arlo. Not that "experimental" is a necessity in folk, folk rock and Americana circles. McDonald was a product of … Continue reading

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DAVID ESSEX – The Whisper – (Mercury) – 1983

I've always liked David Essex and his albums from the1970s…and I know that some of you regular readers are to shy (wimps) to get on this blog and say the same but let's sing out the joys of David Essex. … Continue reading

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MELANIE – The 7th Wave – (Powderworks)- 1983

How many Melanie albums do I have that I have not listened to before? A lot! Feel free to groan if you don't like Melanie. This is not a Melanie blog but I find myself playing a lot of her … Continue reading

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THE JIM CARROLL BAND – I Write Your Name – (Atlantic) – 1983

I have commented on Jim Carroll before. He was a fascinating character from New York’s New Wave scene. His music is both perceptive and attitude filled though sometimes it does not make for comfortable listening. Read my other comment for … Continue reading

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SPEAR OF DESTINY – Grapes of Wrath – (Burning Rome Records) – 1983

  Can you possibly comment on music that you cannot, even remotely, identify with? I suppose the answer is, yes, but the comment can only extend to why you don’t like the style of music rather than a comment on … Continue reading

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CARLY SIMON – Hello Big Man – (Warner Brothers) – 1983

Question: Carly, what happened?   Answer: The 1980s.   Carly was one of the best of the many female singer songwriters to emerge from the 1970s. “You’re so Vain” is still one of the best break-up / get back at … Continue reading

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DAVE EDMUNDS – Information – (Arista) – 1983

Check other entries on this blog for biographical details on Edmunds.   Edmunds is a English (or rather Welsh) rock and roll purist obsessed by 1950s and early 1960s rock. Accordingly, his records from the late 1950s to the 1980s … Continue reading

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SLADE – The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome – (RCA) – 1983

I've been dreading this.   I was never big on 1970s Slade, when they were at the peak of their powers, so I'm not sure how I wiould deal with Slade from 1983. I may be pleasantly surprised.   I … Continue reading

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