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JOHN HIATT – Riding With The King – (Geffen) – 1983

Who is John Hiatt? It's a question that has been raised many times, sometimes unfairly, by others. I have asked it, in a round about way, myself (see my other comment), but cut him slack because he deserves it. Hiatt … Continue reading

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COUNTRY JOE McDONALD – Childs Play – (Rag Baby Records) – 1983

I like Country Joe McDonald. He is like a more strident, less lyrical Arlo Guthrie. He is also more experimental than Arlo. Not that "experimental" is a necessity in folk, folk rock and Americana circles. McDonald was a product of … Continue reading

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DAVID ESSEX – The Whisper – (Mercury) – 1983

I've always liked David Essex and his albums from the1970s…and I know that some of you regular readers are to shy (wimps) to get on this blog and say the same but let's sing out the joys of David Essex. … Continue reading

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MELANIE – The 7th Wave – (Powderworks)- 1983

How many Melanie albums do I have that I have not listened to before? A lot! Feel free to groan if you don't like Melanie. This is not a Melanie blog but I find myself playing a lot of her … Continue reading

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THE JIM CARROLL BAND – I Write Your Name – (Atlantic) – 1983

I have commented on Jim Carroll before. He was a fascinating character from New York’s New Wave scene. His music is both perceptive and attitude filled though sometimes it does not make for comfortable listening. Read my other comment for … Continue reading

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SPEAR OF DESTINY – Grapes of Wrath – (Burning Rome Records) – 1983

  Can you possibly comment on music that you cannot, even remotely, identify with? I suppose the answer is, yes, but the comment can only extend to why you don’t like the style of music rather than a comment on … Continue reading

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CARLY SIMON – Hello Big Man – (Warner Brothers) – 1983

Question: Carly, what happened?   Answer: The 1980s.   Carly was one of the best of the many female singer songwriters to emerge from the 1970s. “You’re so Vain” is still one of the best break-up / get back at … Continue reading

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DAVE EDMUNDS – Information – (Arista) – 1983

Check other entries on this blog for biographical details on Edmunds.   Edmunds is a English (or rather Welsh) rock and roll purist obsessed by 1950s and early 1960s rock. Accordingly, his records from the late 1950s to the 1980s … Continue reading

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SLADE – The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome – (RCA) – 1983

I've been dreading this.   I was never big on 1970s Slade, when they were at the peak of their powers, so I'm not sure how I wiould deal with Slade from 1983. I may be pleasantly surprised.   I … Continue reading

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MATTHEW WILDER – I Don’t speak the Language – (Epic) – 1983

what Frank is listening to #35 – MATTHEW WILDER – I Don't speak the Language – (Epic) – 1983     I had no idea who Matthew Wilder was until I put on the album and … remembered. The very … Continue reading

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