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CHIP TAYLOR – Chip Taylor’s Last Chance – (Warner Brothers) – 1973

Check out my other comments for background on Chip. He has his roots, schizophrenic style, in both 60s Brill building pop and country music. You could assume that a native New Yorker from Yonkers could understandably be a Brill building … Continue reading

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JOHNNY CASH & JUNE CARTER CASH – Johnny Cash and His Woman – (CBS) – 1973

Yes, of course, the title to this album would nowadays be denounced as misogynist or sexist. “… and His Woman” Perhaps, even in 1973 the title was a little old fashioned, but then again Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash … Continue reading

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DAVID CASSIDY – Dreams are Nuthin’ More then Wishes – (Bell) – 1973

David Cassidy was on a roll in 1973. He was the teen idol. It is hard to explain how popular he was but think of the lunacy about One Direction or Justin Bieber at there most popular and Cassidy was … Continue reading

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EMITT RHODES – Farewell to Paradise – (Dunhill) – 1973

I have commented on Rhodes' other albums on this blog. There you will also find biographical detail on him. He, like Nick Drake, has come to venerated after the fact. A cult hero for music hipsters to rally around. Unlike … Continue reading

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LORI LIEBERMAN – Becoming – (Capitol) – 1973

I had not heard of Lori Lieberman before I googled her but she had a profile and has one again … wikipedia: "Lori Lieberman (born November 15, 1951) is an American singer-songwriter who accompanies herself on guitar and piano. She … Continue reading

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THOMAS JEFFERSON KAYE – Thomas Jefferson Kaye – (Dunhill) – 1973

Kaye was one of those music people you come across who was around music and the music business for practically his whole life (here some 40 years) without ever becoming a household name, or even a well known name today … Continue reading

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GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS – Imagination – (Buddah) – 1973

When talking about  Gladys Knight & The Pips "Neither One of Us" (1973) album which immediately preceded this I said, "Gladys Knight and the Pips came through the Motown factory in the 60s with a few top 20 pop hits … Continue reading

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BADFINGER – Ass – (Apple) – 1973

Badfinger – what happened? The question is often raised in relation to this band. They are variously referred to as starcrossed, tragic, unlucky, the victims of bad management. All these things are, perhaps, true but when enough excuses are put … Continue reading

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SHAWN PHILLIPS – Bright White – (A&M) – 1973

I'm tired. I've just spent the day painting – house painting. Painting is probably the easiest of the trades… Err, wait, I know a few house painters so I probably should qualify that. It's the easiest of the trades in … Continue reading

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THE GRASS ROOTS – Alotta’ Mileage – (Dunhill) – 1973

In another Grass Roots comment I said this: Inevitably, when discussing Grass Roots questions of “authenticity” come up but they are largely redundant because this is pop music. I should say: They weren’t a manufactured group in the normal sense … Continue reading

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