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PETER AND GORDON – In London for Tea – (Capitol) – 1967

I am partial to Peter & Gordon, I have always been partial to tea, I can take or leave London* *(though if I were to take it I would take North London where I stayed with friends in my salad … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Rewind – (Imperial) – 1967

Johnny Rivers is no stranger to this blog. A much underappreciated (here in Australia) contributor to rock ‘n’ pop, Rivers had many hits but has eluded the critical acclaim thrown on many of his contemporaries. That’s not to say he … Continue reading

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HARPERS BIZARRE – Feelin’ Groovy – (Warner Brothers) – 1967

Harpers Bizarre (formed 1963, disbanded 1970) are another one of those specifically American bands  that hit it reasonably big there but never had a big overseas presence …think Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Happenings, … Continue reading

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TOMMY ROE – Phantasy – (ABC Records ) – 1967

1967. The times were a changing … again. Well, at least the musical times were. Some people that music can change times but I believe that the times create the music. That music may have a profound impact on you, … Continue reading

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PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – A Christmas Present …. And Past – (Columbia) – 1967

It’s Christmas time so …I pulled this Christmas record out. I knew this album wasn’t a selection of traditional Christmas songs but I wasn’t expecting this. A total spinout album. This album comes after a major line-up shuffle in early … Continue reading

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BUCK OWENS – Your Tender Loving Care – (Capitol) – 1967

Buck Owens was riding high in the mid-60s. Every single he released (and there were fourteen of them) between 1963 and 1967 went to number one in the country charts. His hit making didn't dissipate until the mid-7os but as … Continue reading

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THE YOUNG RASCALS – Groovin’ – (Atlantic) – 1967

Check out my other Rascals comment for background on this seminal American band. Putting the hit singles to one side, The Young Rascals are sadly underappreciated outside of the US. They were, for a short time, phenomenal, but like many … Continue reading

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JOHN WALKER – If You Go Away – (Philips) – 1967

Everyone (well the critics and music tragics anyway) wax lyrical about Scott Walker (and rightly so) of The Walker Brothers but what about his "brother" John? John was one third of 1960s pop sensations The Walker Brothers. The Walker Brothers … Continue reading

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ROD McKUEN – Seasons in the Sun, II – (Stanyan) – 1967

A man. A singlet. A beach. A piece of driftwood. A perfect LP sleeve. And perhaps a little gay.* Not to me though. To me the (almost) middle aged beachcomber depicted is a romantic slightly retreat-ist anti-hero at odds with … Continue reading

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THE TURTLES – Happy Together – (White Whale) – 1967

I spoke about The Turtles a few years back when this blog was still just an email list. I said then, by way of background,  "The Turtles were one of the California bands that emerged in the wake of The … Continue reading

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