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JAKE HOLMES – So Close, So Very far To Go – (Polydor) – 1970

This album would crop up now and then in op shops and I bought it on a whim (many years ago) because I liked the mood conveyed in the cover art. Reading up on Jake I found he was the … Continue reading

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THE DILLARDS – Copperfields – (Elektra) – 1970

I've commented on The Dillards before in relation to their wonderful "Wheatstraw Suite" (1968) album. Look to that comment for discussion on country rock, bluegrass cross-over and the seminal position of The Dillards in the evolution of country rock and … Continue reading

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JOE SOUTH – Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home? – (Capitol) – 1970

I'm excited. Check my other comments in relation to Joe South's career and musical pedigree but I will say here that Joe's music fits into a genre that emerged in the late 1960s and which subsequently was called "white southern … Continue reading

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JOHNNY RIVERS – Slim Slo Rider – (Imperial) – 1970

I like Johnny Rivers but, to be fair, he always seemed to have an eye on what was happening around him. Most musicians do I suspect, well at least those who want some commercial success do. It would be reasonable … Continue reading

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BUCK OWENS – The Kansas City Song – (Capitol) – 1970

Regular readers of this blog will know I have a fondness for Buck Owens. His material from the 1960s is what he is remembered for. That and his pioneering (along with Merle Haggard) of what became known as the Bakersfield … Continue reading

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JOHN HARTFORD – Iron Mountain Depot – (RCA) – 1970

Country, bluegrass and especially newgrass lovers love John Hartford, and there is much to love. Generally, though, despite his fame being built on (covers of his songs on) his RCA albums from 1967 – 1970, the country music enthusiasts prefer … Continue reading

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BOBBY BLOOM – The Bobby Bloom Album – (L&R Records) – 1970

The only thing I knew about Bloom was the song "Montego Bay". And, that was mainly because it had been covered by Australian ska band The Allniters in 1983 and that version was very popular when I was at university. … Continue reading

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(PAUL REVERE & THE) RAIDERS – Collage – (Columbia) – 1970

The Raiders had been struggling for the previous  two years to distance themselves from their earlier incarnation, Paul Revere and the Raiders. There was nothing wrong with that, and they were a hell of a band, but they felt that … Continue reading

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SHAWN PHILLIPS – Second Contribution – (A&M) – 1970

I always feel a little dirty when I listen to  hippie music, though I'm not sure what hippie music is. I like Melanie, Brewer & Shipley, Simon & Garfunkel, The Youngbloods, Jefferson Airplane, The Turtles, Donovan, Country Joe, Arlo Guthrie … Continue reading

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PAUL SIEBEL – Woodsmoke and Oranges – (Elektra) – 1970

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for anything on the Elektra label. I’ll give just about everything on that label a go and will always buy up when I find them in op shops. … Continue reading

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