PIPER – Self Titled – (A&M) – 1976

  what Frank is listening to #30 – PIPER – Self Titled – (A&M) – 1976

I put this on (and recall buying it) with some trepidation … Piper were the band that launched Billy Squier. Admittedly I only knew the Billy Squier singles and I wasn't impressed overly though the head thumping dumbness of "The Stroke" is endearing in a brain dead way.
I didn't really know what to expect here … bad 70s rock, stadium rock, hard rock?
I was surprised, and I will have to admit, Piper are better than a lot of their contemporaries. Their rock is certainly "rock" and not Mr Sheen-ed over too much but, and its a big 'but", how much of this can one listen to?
The best tracks:
  •  "Out of Control" – The first track,a nice bit of Rolling Stones swagger.
  • "Who's Your Boyfriend" – Buddy Holly and power pop goes hard rock.
  • "Telephone Relation"
  • "The Last Time" – yup, the Stones song (and the only non Squire written track on the LP) … and a credible version.
Though, can you truly "accept"a band who look like this?
I'll tape a couple and sell the LP.
(originally posted: 19/05/2009)  


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