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Hi, I'm just a person with a love of music, a lot of records and some spare time. My opinions are comments not reviews and are mine so don't be offended if I have slighted your favourite artist. I have listened to a lot of music and I don't pretend to be impartial. You can contact me on though I would rather you left a comment. I also sell music at Cheers

DON NIX – Living By Days – (Elektra) – 1971

Many years ago I got an album "Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns" in 1986 on a sale and I loved it, well, not all of it, but a lot of it. I bought it because it was from the … Continue reading

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THE NOW – The Now – (RCA) – 1979

There is very little information on this band out there. They seem to be one of the many power pop bands signed during the New Wave rush of the late1970s. The Now were: Jeff Lennon – (Geoff "Lip" Danielik) Mamie … Continue reading

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JERRY REED – Ko-Ko Joe – (RCA) – 1971

I love Jerry Reed. His voice and guitar are distinctive and even iconic. He, though, unfairly gets stereotyped as a loud good ol’ boy singer mainly because his big hits (Amos Moses, When You’re Hot You’re Hot etc), were, errr, … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – Viva – (Capitol) – 1972

This was Trini’s last album during his hit making period or the first album of his non-hit making period. Trini released more albums on a variety of (minor) labels between 1972 and today but his time as a force on … Continue reading

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FABIAN – Hold That Tiger! – (Chancellor) – 1959

I’ve always liked Fabian as a result of watching films he made in the 1960s. Not  just the teen films but  his two films with Jimmy Stewart, “Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation” (1962) and Dear Brigitte (1965), as well as … Continue reading

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JONATHAN EDWARDS – Jonathan Edwards – (Capricorn) – 1971

Jonathan Edwards is one of those overlooked singer songwriters from the 1970s that seems to have a small following. Check out my other comments on him for biographical detail. This was his first solo album and he had a Top10 … Continue reading

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BOBBY RYDELL – The Top Hits of 1963 Sung By Bobby Rydell – (Cameo) – 1964

The music is both streetwise and innocent. Can they exist together? Yes, Cast your mind back to a time when you were a teen. You thought you knew it all and you had all the answers and you tried to … Continue reading

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PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – A Christmas Present …. And Past – (Columbia) – 1967

It’s Christmas time so …I pulled this Christmas record out. I knew this album wasn’t a selection of traditional Christmas songs but I wasn’t expecting this. A total spinout album. This album comes after a major line-up shuffle in early … Continue reading

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TOMMY ROE – Sweet Pea – (ABC) – 1966

Tommy Roe is another one of those sixties pop stars I like to resurrect. Why. He is, to the wider music public, occasionally derided, rarely discussed, often mistaken, largely forgotten, and greatly undervalued. The mid to late-60s Tommy’s and Bobby’s … Continue reading

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SHAWN PHILLIPS – Faces – (A&M) – 1972

It's hard opening a comment sometimes, especially when it's on someone you have discussed before. Perhaps you need something punchy, something to suck the reader(s) in? That opening line can be crucial, and I've probably just wasted it with my … Continue reading

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