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Hi, I'm just a person with a love of music, a lot of records and some spare time. My opinions are comments not reviews and are mine so don't be offended if I have slighted your favourite artist. I have listened to a lot of music and I don't pretend to be impartial. You can contact me on though I would rather you left a comment. I also sell music at Cheers

THE ROLLERS (Bay City Rollers) – Elevator – (Arista) – 1978

The Rollers were the renamed Bay City Rollers trying to shake off their teen idol past but the only thing they suceeded in shaking off was their popularity. I don’t remember this incarnation of the Bay City Rollers but I … Continue reading

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MICKEY NEWBURY – After All These Years – (Mercury) – 1981

The magnificent Mickey Newbury. One of the greatest of all country singer songwriters. Check out my other comments for biographical detail on him as well as other ramblings. The guy on the cover art could be a salesman or perhaps … Continue reading

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BADFINGER – No Dice – (Apple) – 1970

Badfinger where on the way up at the time of release of this album. This is their first proper album. Their actual first album, the soundtrack album, "Magic Christian Music", was actually a hodgepodge of tracks. Five songs were recorded … Continue reading

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BOBBY RYDELL – Wild (Wood) Days – (Cameo) – 1963

Music critics and enthusiasts often refer to the early 60s of rock and pop as the “Bobby era” due to the amount of singers named Bobby: Bobby Darin, Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee. The reference is pejorative. The inference … Continue reading

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DR HOOK – Sloppy Seconds – (CBS) – 1972

1972. "Sloppy Seconds" All songs written by satirist Shel Silverstein. I know where this album is going, and, I'm pretty sure it would not be released on a major label today. Well, not without a lot of controversy. So, if … Continue reading

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JESSE COLIN YOUNG – The Highway is for Heroes – (Cypress) – 1987

Jesse Colin Young is always welcome on this blog but you have to approach anything released in the mainstream, in the 80s, with trepidation. Yes, yes, I know I whinge about the 80s mainstream but it was, largely, awful. Everything … Continue reading

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TOM T. HALL – Song in a Seashell – (Mercury) – 1985

I love Tom T. Hall but I approach this album with some trepidation. 1985 was not a good aural year for the mainstream country music industry. And, Tom T. Hall was a big seller and definitely mainstream. Between 1969 and … Continue reading

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CHER – All I Really Want To Do – (Imperial) – 1965

This is Cher’s debut solo album Whilst Sonny & Cher were hitting it big with the "I Got You Babe" single, Sonny arranged a solo deal for Cher. Sonny, having worked for Phil Spector was well used to both the … Continue reading

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DENNIS LINDE – Linde Manor – (Intrepid) – 1970

Dennis Linde (March 18, 1943 – December 22, 2006) … "Songwriter Dennis Linde remained a fixture of the country charts for decades, penning blockbusters for everyone from Elvis Presley to the Dixie Chicks. Born March 18, 1943, in Abilene, TX, … Continue reading

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LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS – Maria Elena – (RCA) – 1963

This is the big one from 1963. The one that propelled Los Indios Tabajaras to the world stage and kick started "Indios Tabajaras Mania". Well not quite. I have commented on this duo of Brazilian Indian exotica guitarists before. Check … Continue reading

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