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Hi, I'm just a person with a love of music, a lot of records and some spare time. My opinions are comments not reviews and are mine so don't be offended if I have slighted your favourite artist. I have listened to a lot of music and I don't pretend to be impartial. You can contact me on though I would rather you left a comment. I also sell music at Cheers

PAUL SIEBEL – Jack-Knife Gypsy – (Elektra) – 1971

Check out my other comment on Paul Siebel for background detail. I fully expect (as I’m writing) this comment to be concise, errr short. Siebel only put out two studio albums, this, and his debut album “Woodsmoke and Oranges” (1970). … Continue reading

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EDWIN STARR – Clean – (20th Century Fox Records) – 1978

I’m not a big soul fan but there are individual soul songs I find magnificent. “War” (1970) by Edwin Starr in one of them. Starr’s career had its highs and lows. The soul ground had changed in the 70s as … Continue reading

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VOLUNTEERS – Volunteers – (Arista) – 1976

I don’t have much information on “Volunteers”, the band, but it seems they are one of those bands where a couple of guys around town keep bumping into each other and decide to form a band. And if that fails, … Continue reading

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THE PIPE DREAM – Wanderers / Lovers – (RCA) – 1969

One familiar name crops up in conjunction with this album, Steve Schwartz. None of the biographies of Stephen Schwartz allude to this record / group but it is undoubtedly him. His website states, “Stephen Schwartz was born in New York … Continue reading

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ROD McKUEN – Other Kinds of Songs – (RCA) – 1966

We probably need a Rod McKuen now more than we ever did. In what seems to be an increasingly polarised world (at least in the middle class secular west) we need him to show that all men aren’t pricks and … Continue reading

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RACHEL SWEET – Protect the Innocent – (Stiff) – 1980

Wow, if you read this blog you know I like Rachel Sweet. She wasn’t high on my radar in the early 80s but then again I wasn’t listen to much contemporary music. But, I have since discovered her. I like … Continue reading

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JAY & THE AMERICANS – Capture the Moment – (United Artists) – 1970

Do you associate 1970 with vocal groups? Free, The Guess Who, The Move, Deep Purple, Santana, The Beach Boys, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Led Zeppelin, Canned Heat, The Beatles, Chicago, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Who, Eric Burdon & … Continue reading

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TRINI LOPEZ – Live at the Basin St. East – (Reprise) – 1964

Trini was on a roll … His albums were doing well, he had songs in the charts, and his shows were well attended. The albums that broke him, especially his earlier live albums from 1963 “Trini Lopez at PJ's’ and … Continue reading

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CLAIRE HAMILL – Stage Door Jonnies – (Konk) – 1974

  This is exciting for me. And, not because of Claire (no disrespect intended), but because it was produced by Ray Davies of the Kinks, who I love. In 1973 Ray decided to get into production utilising his new studio … Continue reading

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PETER AND GORDON – In London for Tea – (Capitol) – 1967

I am partial to Peter & Gordon, I have always been partial to tea, I can take or leave London* *(though if I were to take it I would take North London where I stayed with friends in my salad … Continue reading

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