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DR HOOK – Dr Hook and the Medicine Show – (CBS) – 1972

This is first album from Dr Hook and it is both a showcase for them and a vehicle for songwriter Shel Silverstein. Songwriters using band or acts to express their music better, perhaps, than they could themselves is not unusual. … Continue reading

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CASEY KELLY – Casey Kelly – (Elektra) – 1972

I always get excited over a new Elektra LP. It's a great label. Casey Kelly I had not heard of before and there is very little on him online. Luckily though he is a moderately successful songwriter (and author on … Continue reading

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FIVE DOLLAR SHOES – Five Dollar Shoes – (Neighborhood Records) – 1972

The only thing I knew about this group was the producer, Peter Schekeryk, who was married to and produced Melanie. Which also explains why Five Dollar Shoes were on Melanie's independent label, "Neighborhood Records". Accordingly, I expected them to sound … Continue reading

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ROAD – Road- (Rare Earth) – 1972

Was I ever "really" into 70s hard rock? I was  a kid in the 70s and perhaps too young to appreciate hard rock though it was there on the radio. The first hard rock album I bought was AC/DCs "Back … Continue reading

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JESSE COLIN YOUNG – Together – (Warner Brothers) – 1972

It's hard to put on a finger on why Jesse Colin Young never had a more successful solo career. He had all the right attributes to be a successful singer songwriter in the 70s… He was an ex folkie who … Continue reading

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JOE SOUTH – A Look Inside – (Capitol) – 1972

South should be regarded as a legend. Popular music is filled with has beens, also rans, marginals and others who couldn't juggle music, fame and business. South, had his hits (he won a Grammy) but then burnt out as quickly … Continue reading

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ALBERT HAMMOND – It Never Rains in Southern California – (CBS) – 1972

Hammond again. Check out my other comments for Hammond detail. I came relatively late to Hammond so there are a few albums to listen too but there is no hesitation because they are a joys, of variable proportions. Hammond is … Continue reading

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P.F. SLOAN – Raised on Records – (Mums) – 1972

P.F. Sloan is one of those minor legends in rock music. He is well regarded by his peers, has a devoted small following and he put out some undeniably great (and influential) music during his career. He also was a … Continue reading

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ROWAN BROTHERS – Rowan Brothers – (Columbia) – 1972

I had no knowledge of who the Rowan Brothers were before I bought this. The sleeve looked vaguely “country” so I assumed they were hopefuls hitching their horse to the country rock wagon. Pardner, forgive me for that twee imagery. … Continue reading

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SKIP BATTIN – Skip – (Signpost) – 1972

This is a hard one.   I wasn’t quite expecting this.   I know Skip Battin (with, and without Kim Fowley) contributed some quirky songs to the late Byrds when Skip played bass for them but I still thought I … Continue reading

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